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      300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Gateway
      • Introduction
      • Specification
      The Product is a high-performance wireless ADSL router, uplink rate up to 1 Mbps and downlink rate up to 24 Mbps. It provides one RJ11 telephone interface, four RJ45 Ethernet interfaces. The telephone interface is used for connecting to the Internet provided by the telecom carrier. The Ethernet interfaces are used for connecting to the computer, through which you can access the Internet.

      GAN5 PT202A-4.pdf
      Home gateway
      Small enterprises application
      TV over IP (IPTV)
      Internet access sharing
      High rate broadband sharing
      Files and resources of LAN sharing
      Network online gaming
      VPN connection

      Environment Requirement

      Operating Temperature


      Storage Temperature


      Operating Humidity

      10%—95%, non-condensing

      Storage Humidity

      5%—95%, non-condensing

      Power Supply

      12 V DC, 0.5A

      EMC and Safety

      Regulation Compliance

          = FCC

          = CE

          = CCC Class B

      Safety Regulations


      Green Standard


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