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        10G SFP+ CT Tunable DWDM ZR
        • 產品規格
        • 典型應用
        ● Hot-Pluggable SFP+ Form Factor
        ● Duplex LC receptacles
        ● Supports 9.95/10.3/11.3Gbps bit rate
        ● Maximum link length of 80km on SMF
        ● C-Band Tunable laser and PIN photo-detector
        ● 50GHz ITU channel spacing with integrated wavelength locker
        ● Single 3.3V power supply
        ● Low power dissipation<1.65W
        ● Temperature range:0 to 70℃
        ● Digital diagnostics functions are available via I2C interface
        ● RoHS-6 Compliant
        ● 10GBASE-ZW/ZR
        ● LTE System
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